A little bit from the history of chocolate

A little bit from the history of chocolate

Many people do not imagine their life without chocolate. Indeed, there is such a huge selection of variations of this dessert today! White, milky, black, with a lot of additives like caramel, nougat, raisins, nuts - it's hard to find someone who would not like chocolate. But when we eat it, we rarely think about how it was invented.

But we must thank Latin Americans for having chocolate in such abundance in the 21st century. People who lived in the south-east of Mexico for 1000 years before our era discovered a cocoa tree. Although they hardly used cocoa beans for making chocolate.

Much later, in 300 AD, the Maya people began to chew delicious beans. They also used them as currency, buying everything for them, from animals to slaves. The slave cost about 100 cocoa beans.

Chocolate lovers will not be surprised by the fact that Maya also used cocoa beans during religious ceremonies. The bride and groom were feeding each other with chocolate, and there was even a God of cocoa, to whom they worshiped.

Since chocolate was used as currency, many of the Maya people simply could not afford to eat it. Only the rich could eat and drink chocolate.

One day, Christopher Columbus came to this part of the world. During the tug of a large cargo on his ship in 1502, Columbus and his people accidentally found cocoa beans. In this way the cacao beans got to Europe.

Seventeen years later, Hernan Cortes came to conquer Mexico and tried cocoa beans. He did not like them at all. He even said that they are more suitable for pigs than for humans. After he conquered the Aztec empire, he decided not to get rid of the cocoa beans completely, but continued to use them as a currency.

The lands of the Aztecs were not the only ones conquered by Hernan Cortez. Among them there were also many islands in the Caribbean Sea. And they had a lot of sugar cane. Adding sugar to the cocoa beans made them much less bitter and more tasty as a food product.

Now, when everybody loves the chocolate, the whole world wants to try it. It was used for medicinal purposes and cocoa plantations first appeared in the 17th century. At the same time, many chocolate houses were opened, and cocoa was supplied to all parts of the world.

Since 1861, chocolate began to be associated with Valentine's Day, when Richard Cadbury, the founder of the famous chocolate company Cadbury, came up with the idea. He decided that with the sale of mini candies at choice, packed in a box in the shape of a heart, he would make a huge profit. The buyers loved the idea, because beautiful boxes began to be kept as a souvenir. Until today you can find boxes with chocolate in gift and other stores.

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