What is the use of chocolate?

What is the use of chocolate?

Chocolate is considered to be a forbidden product, especially among those who keep fit. That’s why women include even a small piece of dark chocolate in their black list. In fact, according to experts, this simple dessert is very helpful. So, if you love dark chocolate you should add it in your daily ration without any doubts!

Of course, you just need to know when to stop. It’s about chocolate too. The main rule is to choose high-quality products and maintain moderation. And then you will notice that your body remains beautiful, and overall health has got better.

So, let's talk about the main advantages of chocolate.

-It's an excellent source of flavonoids.

Flavonoids are the plant substances that are very important for the human body. They are considered to be very good antioxidants, moreover, they help to     boost immune system and stimulate brain blood circulation. The high quality chocolate always consists of the cocoa which is full of flavonoids.

- It sounds strange, but there are a lot of vitamins and micronutrients in chocolate. Only 50 grams of chocolate contains 1/3 of a daily dose of iron, 6 grams of fiber, ¼ of a daily dose of magnesium and ½ a day's dose of manganese and cuprum. But there are still 300 calories in the same 50 grams.  So, if you take care of your health, you should get vitamins from other kinds of meal too.

- Chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure. Still same flavonoids contained in cocoa, take part in the production of nitric oxide in the human body. Due to this fact, the blood vessels begin to expand, which significantly reduces blood pressure.

- Chocolate helps to lower the level of the cholesterol. Briefly, there are two types of the cholesterol in the human body - bad and good. The bad cholesterol stays on the arteries’ surface and is considered to be the main reason of the plaques’ appearance. A good one is a high-density lipoprotein. Quality chocolate helps to fight against a bad cholesterol, turning it into a good one.

- Chocolate helps to overcome stress. Adding dark chocolate to every day ration helps you to withdraw the stress hormones - catecholamines and cortisol. That’s why, this dessert is recommended to those who has nervous work or hard studying. Chocolate helps to reduce the density of platelets. Platelets are the blood cells which are responsible for blood coagulability. If they are too active, it can be a reason of coronary heart disease. The dark chocolate reduces platelets’ concentration.

 - Chocolate increases the energy of the body.  This dessert also includes caffeine, which helps to excite your nervous system and gives you so much energy and vivacity. If you decide to stop drinking the morning coffee, you can replace it with several pieces of dark chocolate. For sure during the busy days this dessert will help you to keep mind lucid.

- Chocolate helps to improve the dental health. Many of us heard from our parents: do not eat much chocolate or you'll spoil your teeth. This is one of the most common myths about this product. In fact, only sweet milk chocolate is harmful compared to the dark one which helps to reduce the gums’ inflammation and protects the enamel from caries’ manifestations.

- Chocolate helps to control the level of sugar. Uncontrolled increasing of sugar in a human body is a result of the milk chocolate over-consumption. If you want to increase the sensitivity of your organism to insulin or even reduce the possibility of diabetes, you need to eat more natural food.

- Chocolate helps to improve the skin health. The dark kinds of this dessert which are full of the cocoa and flavonoids help to protect the skin from the negative ultraviolet light and also block the appearance of the first wrinkles. In addition, due to flavonoids the blood circulation is getting better, so the skin looks elastic and taut.

As you can see, chocolate is not as bad as it seems to be. Chocolate can be very helpful if you eat it in reasonable quantities.